Top 5 best kitchen chimneys in 2019.

Last Updated on July 3, 2019

Why is a chimney necessary for every kitchen?

Well, Chimney is the need of every house. In fact, We Indians, involve plenty of oil and masalas in our food that leaves a sign on room tiles and roof. It is proved as a boom for everyone. Whether, we talk about efficiency, suction or cost. It's working so well. Suppose, you don’t use the chimney, therefore positively, you cant save our tiles and roof. If you're thinking to buy a Chimney, so we suggest below you top 5 best budget segment chimney in 2019 India.


Before shopping for a kitchen chimney for the kitchen, one must consider the following factors of the chimney:

Suction Power

The capacity of the motor to suck odor and oil particles is called the Suction power. Suction power is measured in cubic meter per hour. A chimney with higher air suction capability is ideal for the Indian kitchen. Depending on the size of the kitchen, the range for frequent cooking must be between 400 m3/hr. to 1000m3/hr. There is generally more suction power in chimneys with a long hose.

Types of Chimney Filters

Mesh Filters/Cassette filters

It is Also known as Cassette Filters, mesh filters are made from aluminum mesh strips placed one over the other in succession. They are highly effective in the capture and removal of oil and grease from the smoke of both ducted and ductless chimneys. With the volume of filtration being high, In addition, they can reduce the suction capacity of the filters because of the blockages. The best way is to wash the filters regularly.

Baffle Filter

Most of the Indian chimneys have the baffle filters. These type of filters are made out of steel frames with curved panels. The curves in these panels are capable of catching up on grease, oil and other such particulates. Highly durable and easy to clean, they need to be cleaned once every month and are used in both ducted and ductless chimneys.

Carbon filter

As you can use a carbon filter in your water purifier same you can use a carbon filter in your chimney. These type of filters are made out of steel frames with curved panels. The curves in these panels are capable of catching up on grease, oil and other such particulates. Highly durable and easy to clean, they need to be cleaned once every month and are used in both ducted and ductless chimneys.

Kitchen Size

Size of the kitchen chimney must depend on the size of the kitchen. A 3 feet chimney is ideal for a 3 feet stove. 2ft and 2ft are the standard sizes of chimneys. One should go for a chimney which needs less maintenance. The chimney must be installed at a low height for easy cleaning. By doing so, the chimney would remove the oil particles and smoke out effectively. There two sizes, 60 cm, and 90 cm. The typical Indian kitchen will do with a 60 cm wide chimney. These chimneys suit the two-burner gas stoves individuals use in India. In case you have got a much bigger cookery prime, you can always go for the 90 cm wide chimneys. Hence, individuals using gas stoves having three burners or additional ought to pick the wider chimneys.


The noise is generated from the kitchen chimney due to air circulation. Before buying a chimney, one may like to consider the problems of the noise of the chimney. There is a silent-kit put in some chimneys, making them silent.


There is only a single speed option in entry-level chimneys. But there are variable speeds in the advanced ones, helping in ventilating the kitchen faster.


For textile each style and section of the society, chimneys are available which range from modest rates to expensive ones. One may choose the best chimney by depending on the kitchen décor, budget, and lifestyle. There are some brands which offer an option of customizing the appearance of the chimney for matching the kitchen decoration.

Warranty and Service: A warranty of 12 months is provided by the manufacturers of most of the chimneys. But a number of the most effective room chimney brands in India even offer a lifetime warranty. One must check for after-sales services as some baffle filter would definitely require a technician to clean them.

Chimneys come with advanced feature such as:

Auto Clean chimneys

The coil covering the motor gets heated up for about 10-20 minutes after switching on the chimney. As a result, the oil is let out after it gets liquidized. After auto cleaning itself, the chimney stops.

Split chimney

For the purpose of reducing the sound caused by the chimney, the motor is installed outside the kitchen, which proves to be beneficial.

Convertible kits

A ducting chimney can also be converted into a ductless chimney by convertible kits. These kits are offered by some brands.

Soundproof kits

These kits ensure that one doesn’t have to suffer any noise from the chimney.

Auto Heat Sensor

It detects oil particles and heat. It automatically switches on and off.

Detachable oil collector

The particles of oil get collected in an oil collector. The separated oil collector is easy to clean and separate. Hence, the efficiency of the filter is improved.


For filter replacement and cleaning, the indicator alarms or lamps are useful. A kitchen chimney not just keeps the kitchen new and smell free yet in addition adds tastefulness and style to the kitchen. Now one can cook mouth-watering dishes like tandoori without any worries. Thanks to the kitchen chimney!

You must have obtained knowledge about selecting the best kitchen chimney for their kitchen. Why wait then? You should definitely consider buying a kitchen chimney now. The world is running at a high speed and one doesn’t want to be left behind. There is certainly no point in wasting time by cleaning the kitchen instead of using modern technology which automatically cleans the mess.

Kitchen Chimney is a technological invention made to save the time required for cleaning up the kitchen. You should be able to blend in with the modern world of technology. You can buy the best chimney online from Amazon. The best chimney review will help to choose a chimney according to the likes of the individuals. The following are the top 5 best chimneys in India 2019.

1. Faber Hood Tratto Plus BK LTW 60

When it comes to the innovation advancement of kitchen appliances Faber brand is a well-established brand throughout the globe. 3-way suction technology of Tratto Plus chimney can make your kitchen fume and dust-free for always.

Triple-layer baffle filters are cherry on the cake if you want to buy this chimney which is one of the best kitchen chimneys. 1000 m3 is its suction power which is produced by a strong motor. The motor is also efficient in saving energy so with this chimney you are not only making your kitchen pollution free but also contributing to balancing the energy cycle.


Baffle filters also perfect for removing the oily and greasy particle which is a common issue in Indian kitchens. Indian kitchen has a scope of flavors which produce such sort of residue and can make your kitchen looks the untidy type. But the company provide three layers of filters which also reduces the frequency of chimney cleaning.


  • Faber Technology
  • 3-Way Suction technology
  • Great filters that require less maintenance
  • The motor is noise optimized as well.
  • Long exhaust pipe may be increase installation costs
  • Suction Capability: 1000 m3/hr (For kitchen size greater than 200 sqft)
  • Warranty: 1 year on the whole product, 12 years only on motor
  • Control Type: Push Button Control and Max noise: 58db
  • Baffle Filter is Good Choice for Indian kitchens & requires cleaning every 6-8 months

2. Hindware Nevio 60 – Heating Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney

The chimney is ideal for those who want to have kept extremely clean and modern kitchen with a stylish blend. An additional benefit is its electric efficiency which saves the money spent on the electricity bill. The powerful motor is accompanied by a power-saving feature.

In this model 60 cm and the 90 cm model are available. Hence, it can cater to all Indian requirements. This is a ducting chimney and hence can incur higher installation costs. You also have attractive LED lighting for illumination.


A perfect combination of smart technology and visionary idea Nevio is another one extremely beneficial product. Chimney permits cooking with the comfort with its unprecedented suction power. Push-button controlling panel makes a bit lower in the controlling area, but its baffle filter layering makes it outperform its competitors.

One is highly demanded chimneys in India this product comes into the category of wall mounted chimneys. Backed with the powerful motor, it cleans all the dust and tiny oily particle even those which you can't see with naked eyes.


  • The touch panel makes it attractive to look
  • You have water cleaning as well as thermal clean facility.
  • The high suction power of 1200 cubic meters per hour
  • Save Electricity
  • Installation charges are separate
  • Pipe supplied by the manufacturer requires constant replacement
  • 1-year warranty on product and 5 years warranty on the motor.
  • Push-button controlling panel
  • 1200 m3 suction power
  • Auto-cleaning system inbuilt
  • Size:60 cm (Suitable for 2 or 4 burner stove with wall mounted chimneys)
  • Baffle Filter is best for Indian kitchens and requires cleaning every 6-8 months
  • Type: Curved Glass, Wall Mounted.

3. Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney with Free Installation Kit

If you are one of those kitchen owners, who are looking for a chimney which is not only backed with the excellent functioning system but also with auto cleaning feature. No other then this piece from Elica can be perfect for you


The motor is extremely powerful and can produce suction up to 1200 m3 and at the same time filters can absorb any kind of tiny particles which are making your kitchen look messy. The item is designed for Indian kitchen since Indians are attached to fiery nourishment and a specific model of fireplace empowers their kitchen to cook any type of tasty spicy food.

When it comes to technology, then Elica has all the smart feature one need to make the kitchen exceptionally clean and full of freshness. This is best for large kitchens because of its size and motor power, but you can adjust these highlights according to your need.


  • High power motor which saves energy
  • Curved glass and Auto clean feature
  • Smart touch is controlling panel and the double layer of baffle filters.
  • 1-year warranty on the product and 5-year warranty on the motor.
  • Installation Charge Can be Higher.
  • Control Type: Touch Panel and Max noise: 58db
  • Type: Curved Glass and Auto Clean Feature
  • Warranty: 5 Years on Motor and 1 year on the whole Product
  • Size: 90 cm (It is best for 3-5 burner Gas stove with wall mounted chimneys)
  • Suction Capability: 1200 m3/hr (For kitchen size greater than 200 sqft)

4. Eurodomo 60 cm 1050 m3/h Chimney with Free Installation

So as to make your kitchen look modern, stylish and simultaneously smoke and odor-free Eurodomao chimney is the thing that you need. Impressive suction of 1050m3/h and stainless steel body promise you high durability and extraordinary performance. Packed with cassette filters, chimney clears the dust and smoke particle very finely.


For those who want to hassle-free cooking, the company provides two bulbs to light up the cooking area. When it comes to functioning and operating, then the push button ensures you comfortable operating. You can clean these push-buttons just with any soft fabric piece of cloth.

Perfectly organized and made with keeping in mind the very fact of Indian culture, cuisine and spices and type of dishes this conceptual chimney is ideal for any kind of Indian kitchen.


  • 60 cm size which is perfect for all type of burners (2-4 burner stove)
  • Ideal 1050 m3/h for all type of kitchens size.
  • 1-year product warranty and 5-year motor warranty
  • Equipped with container filters that are considered as an economic one for Indian kitchens..
  • Small chimney, hence inconvenient for large kitchens
  • Baffle Filter is best for Indian kitchens & requires cleaning every 6-8 months
  • Control Type: Push Button and Max noise: 58db
  • Type: Curved Glass and Wall Mounted
  • Suction Capability: 1050 m3/hr (For kitchen size greater than 200 sqft)
  • Finishing: Premium Black Finishing with tempered glass coat

5. Seavy 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney with Free Installation Kit

Product designer of Seavy knows the importance of look along with the functioning. Ciaz is designed to provide a loving cooking experience to one whose mind is full of new ideas of a recipe. When it comes to the features, Ciaz beats everyone at this lower price.


Equipped with baffle filter, Ciaz is best you'll be able to choose for medium-large kitchens in India. 1200 m3/h suction speed makes it consume the smoke just in no time. Baffle filters present in the chimney absorb the oily particles and sends them out through the pipe which will make your kitchen look nicely cleaned all times.

Auto-cleaning system requires cleaning in 6 months which reduces the stress of cleaning the chimney every other week. Chimney supports touch controlling panel for smooth operation. The company provides an installation kit along with the product in the package.


  • 1-year warranty on the product and 5 years warranty on motor
  • Baffle filters
  • Powerful motor with an energy-saving feature
  • Auto-cleaning system
  • Touch is controlling panel for quick and easy operation.
  • Not Suitable For Small Kitchens
  • Model- SVY_B3A
  • Lighting- LED
  • Wattage- 180 watts