Last Updated: July-19-2019.

Expending a fine nature of water is significant for our wellbeing. This is a fundamental requirement for everybody and keeping away from it can bring numerous hazardous medical problems. The best answer to have the wonderful nature of water is to put resources into a water purifier which can sift through all the dirtying and noxious substances from the water and makes it all right for our wellbeing.


For what reason do you need water purifier?

Indeed, the straightforward response to this could be, to safeguard your wellbeing and to get superb drinkable water. Water purifiers are structured with the goal that they can give us safe, defilement free and nutritious drinkable water and that is the reason you need a water purifier.

Even though your water quality may appear to be fine and you might not have confronted any difficult issues with that, yet at the same time, you need a water purifier. Why? That is because a portion of the pollution gets broke up in the water and can be very unsafe for your wellbeing.

Additionally, these broke up pollutions are very difficult to expel from the water without having an appropriate and successful water purifier at your place. It truly could be risky to bargain for the nature of the water that you drink only for the expense of not having a water purifier.

Okay, hazard your wellbeing extends for the way that you needn't bother with a water purifier? The decision is yours!

If you have made your psyche about getting a water purifier, next settle on a snappy choice about which one is better for you — the RO water purifier or the UV water purifier. Look at the different advantages that these two kinds of purifiers can offer you to settle on your choice.

Advantages of RO water purifier:

It can undoubtedly treat hard water defilements.

Can expel hazardous poisons, for example, lead, mercury, chlorine, fluoride, and so on.

Can likewise expel the cryptosporidium found in lake, stream or open water supplies

Advantages of UV water purifier:

They are financially savvy and the implanted UV beams source bulb expends less power, around 60W.

It doesn't utilize any synthetic concoctions for purging water and accordingly protect the taste and shade of the water.

Glance around for your needs from the water purifier alongside the different other referenced purchasing variables and afterward pick a water purifier that would be the best for you.

How to choose the Best Water Purifiers in India 2019?

Confounded about how to choose the best water purifier for you, take a gander at these recommendable factors before making the choice.

Water Quality

Before settling on any decision it is extremely significant for us to find out about the real water quality we are getting in our homes. The water supply that we get is fundamentally arranged into two classifications,

  • Soft Water
  • Hard Water

On the off chance that we talk about delicate water, it originates from common assets like lakes, stream, and water reaping system. The delicate water is frequently observed to be less defiled when contrasted with the degree of pollutions found in the hard water.

Then again, the hard water is underground water which can be drawn from bore wells. The measure of all-out disintegrated solids (TDS) is similarly extremely high in hard water, which results in a larger amount of pollutions in this kind of water.

To comprehend the various circumstances with a simple way, you can check the beneath referenced focuses so you can approach with the correct arrangement.

If you are getting hard water at your places, at that point the best arrangement is to get RO water purifier.

Though, the RO water purifier isn't that much important to fix the delicate water issues. All things considered, UV water purifiers can carry out the responsibility for you effectively. Rarest of all, on the off chance that you are getting hard just as exceptionally sullied water, at that point you can go for RO+UV water purifiers.

Types Of Water Purifiers:

Presently you should ponder about what are the various sorts of water decontamination frameworks. For your facilitate, how about we rapidly view the most well-known kinds of residential water purifiers and its working.

Reverse Osmosis (RO):- In Reverse assimilation water purifiers, there is a film which expels the disintegrated debasements from the water and makes it a lot more secure for drinking reason.

Ultra Violet Rays:- Ultraviolet beams water purifiers, then again, ensures that there ought to be no microscopic organisms and infection is available in the water before making it consumable.

UltraFiltration:- Ultrafiltration water purifiers are another kind of purging framework. The layer of this water purifier isolates suspended strong particles which are available in the water alongside the microscopic organisms, infection, and so forth.

There are many referred to brands just as neighborhood providers who are offering distinctive water refinement frameworks for the residential purposes from which you can undoubtedly get one according to your necessity. In any case, as referenced prior, it is constantly imperative to comprehend the sort of water before moving to the subsequent stage for an ideal arrangement.


Another important thing you need to keep in mind before choosing a water purifier is how feasible it is when it comes to the installation process. While exploring the market you will realize that there are many brands which are providing different types of purifiers but very few of them are uncomplicated and easy to install. Therefore, continuously certify that your hand-picked apparatus takes no overtime and energy throughout the whole installation method.

Apart from all the technologies and features, the placement of the water purifier is another recommended point which requires good care and attention.

Electricity Needs:

Does your water purifier need electricity to work on? Can be operated without an electric power supply? These are some other concerning thoughts that you should clear before making the final choice for the water purifier.

You can get 2 kinds of water purifiers once talking concerning electricity wants.

  • Electric: People who would like the continual offer of electricity for his or her operations
  • Non-electric: The water purifiers which may perform their operations even with none electricity

So, what happens after you would like pure water and there's no electricity for your water apparatus to work? This is where the need for storage tanks comes in. Let us look at what options you can get with the storage capacity of the water purifiers.

Storage Capacity:

Take a note on the storage capability that the water apparatus offers. If you are living in an area with frequent power cuts, then it is highly recommended to have a water purifier that has large storage capacity and which can also operate with/without electricity.

This will guarantee counseled issue that ought to be thought of once shopping for a water apparatus.

Certification of Purity:-

  • The authenticity of the brand
  • High-quality of the water
  • Better functioning of the water purifier
  • Easy and fast after services

NSF, WQA, ISI, and CE are some of the certifications to look for when selecting the water purifier. Don’t compromise on checking for the certification of purity as you surely want to have the best and the safest water quality to drink.

After Sales Services:

Lastly, before making any final decision on buying a water purifier, do check and verify the after-sales services offered by the brand. It is generally seen that most brands have quite slow after-sales services and the customers have to wait for a longer time just to get their problems solved.

Poor after-sales services can cause you lots of problems in cases when something goes wrong with the functioning of the water purifier. A water purifier that calls for frequent servicing needs is not worth your investment or money.


The price of the water purifier may seem to be a concern when you want all the features and qualities in your desired water purifier. But to your surprise, there are several water purifiers that you simply will get below your reasonable vary that are capable to relinquish you the required quality.

Also, you don’t need everything from your water purifier. Just keep in mind the main requirements for getting a water purifier and you can easily find one under your decided and affordable budget range.

Here we have pick Top 10 Best Water Purifier For Your needs.

1. Kent Grand Star 8-Litre Mineral RO + UV/UF Water Purifier.

The factual information accumulated by us tells this is the most blazing selling best water purifier in India 2018. You can utilize this purifier to clean the hardest water from a wide range of water assets like bore well, tank, and so on.

Kent Grand in addition to offers a 7 arrange cleaning procedure including RO, UV, and UF. It has the propelled Mineral RO TM innovation and an inbuilt TDS controller which not just filters water to a lot higher level yet, in addition, holds the basic mineral in the water. This guarantees you get the most flawless drinking water.


The greater part of the purifiers neglects to hold minerals and in this way give us a mineral shortfall water which isn't the ideal drinking water. For its mineral maintenance control, we have included Kent Grand RO purifier on top. Further, in our test, we additionally discovered this can sanitize water with TDS as high as 2000 ppm and which is just astounding.

The purifier has a straightforward covering with a capacity limit of 8litres and decontamination limit of 20litres/hour. It is additionally outfitted with channel change cautions and UV bomb alert to keep you educated for a channel substitution or any sort of unintentional flaws.

In conclusion, curiously it has a spare water innovation that means to recuperate half of the water as purged water. Not just this, this best water purifier for homes likewise stores the rejected water in a different tank with the goal that you can reuse it for cleaning and gardening purposes.


  • Accompanies 3 years of free services
  • Reasonable for a wide range of water
  • Over half of water recuperation
  • Ultra Filtration
  • Bolster administration isn't that extraordinary in country regions. They take 2-5 days to fix the issue.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Built-in SMPS to handle
  • TDS controller
  • Save water technology
  • Filter Change and UV fail alarm
  • Storage capacity 8 liters

2. A.O.Smith Z6+Hot 48-watt RO Water Purifier

A.O Smith Z6 RO water purifier is an electric type of water purifier that comes with the latest RO water purification technology. It comes with a large capacity, around 9 liters that make sure you that there is enough pure water for the entire family. It comes with a plastic food grade instrumentation that produces certain you get sturdy containers for all the seasons. The seven-stage purification that's ensured by a sediment filter ANd a pre-carbon filter at the side of a Ro membrane and a mineralizer technology. This technology with a silver activated post-carbon makes certain you get doubly sublimate water.

SCMT is a further stage of purification that's offered during this model that brings a further layer of protection against any secondary microbic contamination post-Ro purification. Other attractive features include an easy placement, which makes sure that it is easily mounted on the wall or placed on the top of a table, a convenient drip tray which is provided so that the users can easily remove the tray while filling up larger vessels or bottles.


The presence of a water level indicator in A.O. Smith Z6+ Hot 48 watt Ro water apparatus tells you ways abundant water is a gift at any purpose in time. You don’t even have to worry about the damages that happen, as the company offers the number 1 service. The advanced digital display indicates all the important specifications of the purifier, including the temperature of the water, the volume of water and twin advance alert. All in all, the product from A.O Smith offers all these features at quite a reasonable price with a 2-year long warranty to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


  • Does not waste the maximum amount of water.
  • Provide healthy and pure water to drink
  • Facility for dispensing hot water
  • Best water purifier with Hot water dispenser option
  • Issues with after-sales services
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Storage Capacity 9 Litres
  • Digital Display
  • 8 Stage of Purification
  • Hot Water Dispenser Option

3. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV 7 Litre AR3BLAM01 Water Purifier

Blue Star is comparatively new in the water purifier department in India, the brand has worldwide recognition. The Aristo could be a fashionable trying six-liter capability Ro water purifier with an ultraviolet light filtration system.

It works on 36 watts and operates effectively between 220-240 volts that is that the normal residential current in each home. The filter additionally offers the ATB technology that's liable for boosting the style of the water. Its multi-stage filtration with efficiency cleans ground and municipal water of impurities like sediments and dissolved chemicals and the best part of this filter is that it gives you a good range of alert notifications.


Aristo offers Purification-on indicator, AN alert alarm to point air mass, an ultraviolet light fail alarm and a full tank indicator. With such a large amount of altering options, you'll never miss drinking healthy and clean water whenever.

Let’s take a glance at what’s the blue star Aristo has got to offer:


  • Alerts and indicators
  • Child lock feature
  • 10-inch Large filter for effective cleaning
  • Latest technology RO+UV filtration
  • Free installation and one year warranty
  • The installation takes 3-4 days from the time you get the product.
  • Power Consumption: 30 watts; Voltage: 220 - 240 volts
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Capacity: 7 liters
  • Alerts like purification alert, tank, and low-pressure alerts
  • Elegant looks complemented by superior performance
  • RO+UF purification technology along with Aqua Taste Booster

4). HUL Pureit Ultima 10L RO+UV Water Purifier

The highly affordable and attractive black color water purifier exposes the tap impure water to the unique combination of RO and UV processes. This water purifier will remove even the smallest of chemical particles and impurities from the water and will make it extremely safe for drinking purposes. The 1-year warranty on this water purifier is one more advantage to its offered options.

The first impression that you just get from the name of this purifier ‘Pureit’ is definitely the very fact that it's been designed to deliver solely and one pure water. Thus, this water purifier is that the most popular alternative of the people that don't seem to be conscious of the supply of their water and are confused if that's suitable drinking or not. Hul Pureit Ultima 10L RO+UV Water purifier will resolve all of your confusions with its operating and offer various features.


This wall-mounted purifier can easily be installed and doesn’t ask for high maintenance. It can be used for all types of water sources and thus is used in most of the homes. The automatic indication of filter amendment and water overflow makes the client expertise quite rattling and convenient.

It will store purified water for up to 10L and works on 60W or power consumption. It will handle the TDS levels of 2000 PPM and purifies the water mistreatment its six-layer water purification method.


  • Affordable
  • Automatic alerts for filter change
  • Easy maintenance
  • RO water purifiers waste bunch of water
  • Type of Tank: A food-grade plastic
  • Capability:10 liters
  • Technology: RO+UV water purification
  • Warranty information: 1 year on product
  • Category: Electric with storage

5). Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance RO+UV+UF+MTDS Water Purifier

This purifier will work its magic on water returning from any supply. This means that you can use this water purifier for even tap water, bore well or water from the public sources. This electric water purifier has the capacity of 6L to offer to its users, which works perfectly fine for daily usage.

If you would like a water purifier which will give you the proper combination of distinctive qualities, superb features, and great design, then this is the right water purifier for you. This water purifier brings the most effective advantages of Ro, UV and UF technologies for making the water perfectly pure. It will meet all the needs expected from a water purifier while keeping affordability in mind.


One of the most important qualities of this water purifier is its voltage controller. It comes with a voltage controller which can handle the proper functioning of the purifier even with the fluctuations of voltages. You also get a warranty of 1-year with this water purifier for keeping it safe against any defects and damages.

Another highlight of this water purifier is a sensible energy-saving mode. The water purifier automatically turns off when the water tank is full. It required power consumption of 45W for its effective working. The sleek and engaging style simply completes the charm for this water purifier.


  • Smart power-saving mode
  • MTDS Restore the Taste of water
  • Can be used for water from all sources
  • Affordable
  • Balances voltage fluctuations
  • Wastes water like all RO purifiers
  • 6-liter capability may be a bit little for associate Indian family
  • Protects your purifier from harm just in case of voltage fluctuations
  • Smart energy-saving mode automatically turns off power when the tank is full
  • A six liters tank permits you to store water and dispense while not electricity
  • Advanced RO+UV+TDS regulator purification permits you to regulate style counting on the supply of water

6). LG Puricare WW180EP RO + UV + UF + Mineral Booster Water Purifier

LG stands at the top of all consumer robust items in India. Whenever you talk about consumer appliances in India, the name LG does ring a bell. LG manufactures some glorious water purifier models still.

This water purifier comes with a strong 5-stage RO filtration system comprising of an external sediment filter, internal sediment filter, pre-activated carbon filter, RO membrane layer, and the post-activated carbon filter along with the mineral booster.


The highlight of this water purifier is that the stainless-steel tank used rather than the food-grade plastic ones you see in most water purifier models. The digital sterilize technology in use is also the first in the industry.

An additional valve on the facet of the appliance allows you to scrub fruits and vegetables with sterilized water directly into the sink.

Ultraviolet Rays disinfect the RO water for 75 minutes at 6-hour intervals to prevent bacteria and germs from breeding. This water purifier comes equipped with good filter modification, ultraviolet sterilizing, and water level indicators.


  • Stainless steel tank to prevent the growth of algae
  • Excellent performance
  • High level of sterilization
  • RO Procedure wastes a lot of water
  • Cost is an issue
  • Mineral Booster
  • RO, UV, and UF Filtration
  • Dual Guard Steel tank
  • 8-liter Capability

7). Havells Max RO+UV+Mineralizer, 8 Litres Water Purifier with Revitalizer

Havells is not a new name, it’s been in the market for long enough and has achieved consumers trust. So, when a product comes from such a reputed brand name, it sure must have a surprising quality backing it. Well, yes, certainly it is, the all-new Havells Max water purifier is a complete wrap-up. It’s not solely a water purifier however it's a complete family health edges package.

There is an extra mineral cartridge that's to blame for correcting the hydrogen ion concentration of the purified water. The mineralizer combines and adds back natural minerals and alternative natural components to the filtered water to form it healthier. So every time you drink the water, it not only tastes good it’s healthy for you and for your family.

Comes with an effective seven-stage water purification system that ensures the highest level of safety and quality drinking water.


The makers of Max have taken into account the revitalizing effect of water that is lost due to water pollution and a lot of pollutants are added to it. Havells has added a revitalizer that restructures the molecules in the water, making it biologically more active. This would facilitate improve its mineral absorption power and hydration, making it a lot more beneficial than having any other water purifier.

Havells Max comes with an integral technology I-protect that constantly monitors the quality of water purified thus ensure you safe and clean drinking water every time.

The remarkably advanced electrical design makes it, performance-oriented with benchmarking power cut if the voltage exceeds or drops from a certain point. Thus safeguarding your appliance from electrical failures, imparting it a longer life.

Individual germicidal added to get rid of all the germs present in the water, providing 100% clean and Sterilized drinking water.

No pre-filter is needed with this multi-level water purification system. Customers will go blindly with this superior technology and style that may work any home


  • 7-stage water refinement including RO and UV
  • Minerals feature to refill lost minerals
  • Revitalizer function to improve mineral absorption
  • Superb looks and performance
  • Requires altering of filters once in two years
  • Wastes water like every RO water purifiers do
  • I-protect cleansing monitor continuously monitor the purification procedure and ensure safe water always
  • Revitalizer restructures the water molecules and makes it biologically active that improves the hydration and mineral absorption
  • Minerals cartridge it corrects the PH of purified water

8). Livpure Touch 2000 Plus Water Purifier

Extreme purification of water extracts the essential minerals in the water as well, but with Livpure Glo you get all the benefits of pure and fresh water with essential minerals intact and quality drinking water.

Livpure brings you a seven-liter water purifier that purifies water with its advanced ultraviolet light and Ro technology and mineralizer that keeps the essential minerals within the water safe and add back minerals that are very important towards creating the water healthy.


With this surprisingly designed water purifier, you get safe and healthy drinking water instantly. It will convert water into pure and safe drinkable at a rate of 1500 ppm. With a delivery capability of 12 liters per hour and storage of seven liters of purified water, Livpure guarantees healthy and pure water for each unit.


  • Water storage tank made from food-grade plastic
  • One year warranty on the product
  • Added mineralizer for healthy water
  • Six stage water purification system
  • Installation and after-sales services
  • Purification: 15 liters per hour
  • Prefilter, sediment filter, pre-activated carbon filter, antiscalant filter, and post-UF filter
  • Works up to 2000 TDS level
  • With 7 Stage advanced purification system

9). Kent Ace Mineral 7-Litre RO+UV+UF Water Purifier (60 Watt)

The double Filtration technology cleans all the impurities and makes sure that the water is 100% pure for drinking. Kent Ace Mineral is Certified by WQA, NSF, ISI, and CE. Hence, one can be definitely assured that this product is strongly tested and is marked up to its testing standard.

  • There is no need for any manual intervention as Kent Ace Mineral is fully automatic.
  • The Booster Pump Voltage is 24 V DC. The power utilization of Kent Ace is 60 Watt.
  • The process used by Kent Ace makes the water suitable for drinking by removing all impurities. There is no probability of being diagnosed with waterborne diseases if anyone drinks such as pure water.

Among the highest manufacturers of health care product within the world, Kent is also listed. The manufacturer provides free installation on this product. By exploitation double purification technology, Kent Ace Mineral does not leave any scope for the residue of any of the impurities dissolved in water.


UF and UV technology ensure that viruses and bacteria are completely killed. Contaminants like mud, cysts, and sand are also destroyed. Sediment, Carbon Block Filter, UF & Post Carbon are the filter cartridges of this water purifier. This the most effective Ro Water purifier in India for borewell water.


  • Low continuance
  • Food grade plastic
  • Topwater purifier for places with little TDS in water
  • UltraViolet shield ensures the taking away of disease-causing germs
  • Don’t work where water pressure is low
  • Not appropriate for purifying groundwater
  • Capability:7 liters
  • Technology: RO+UV+UF water purification
  • 1 Year Warranty 3 Year Free Servicing
  • Category: Electric with storage space

10). Aquafresh Swift 15L Mineral RO+UV With TDS Controller Water Purifier

Aquafresh is one of the leading names in the water purifiers and this Aquafresh Swift 15L Mineral RO+UV with TDS Controller Water Purifier is designed with all the necessary features as expected from a water purifier. Its engaging style, compact size, and high-end features are the secret behind the success of this water purifier.

It offers an oversized water storage capability of 15L that is ideal for joint families or functions. It covers all its damages with its 1-year assurance time. The automatic on-off facility and alert alarms confirm that you are continuously alert to the necessities of the water purifier and are never out of pure water.


No matter, if you get water from a bore well, tap or from any other public sources, you can use this water purifier for eliminating the impurities and contamination. The RO, ultraviolet light and TDS options of this water purifier mix along and deliver a safe, high-quality and drinkable water. The TDS controller not solely removes impurities but also ensures to take care of the required quantity of natural minerals in the water.


  • Can operate even without electricity
  • Maintains natural minerals in the water
  • Ideal for large families
  • Service Not Good
  • 15L Storage Tank
  • UV Fail Alarm
  • Warranty: 1-year offsite warranty provided by the manufacturer from the date of purchase
  • Elegant design with transparent cover.
  • Double Filtration by RO and UV with TDS controller

The Conclusion:

Considering all the above given detailed information a task comes to the reader to optimize it and think upon which one of the given features would be suitable, efficient and useful, We hope that all the given information helps you to find your ideal Water Purifier.