Last Updated on July 5, 2019

1. Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (CoKASHIKOI 5100x RSB518HBEA White)

Hitachi Air conditioners offer great working and vitality productivity rating.

Hitachi KASHIKOI is 1.5 Ton inverter part AC with a 5-star rating which makes it a well known AC in India. It has wave cutting edge structure and wide-point diverters which spread the wind current in each edge of the room alongside uniform cooling even in the long stretches of June and July. Additionally, it has delicate dry hardware to dispense with all residue particles and awful scent from the room.


It is a standout amongst other Air Conditioner in India which can be worked without stabilizer. This likewise works if there is a variance in voltage. The AC functions admirably for voltage going from 130-220 volts. Some different advantages incorporate rest mode, tropical inverter innovation, 100% copper wires, dust channels, and eco-accommodating refrigerant.


  • Save energy
  • Cooling is great
  • Follow me feature for automatic cooling
  • Eco-friendly
  • Inverter technology
  • On the pricey end
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty on the product, 5 years on the condenser and 5 years on the compressor Thi
  • Auto-clean technology
  • 43 quality testing
  • 5 Star Rating
  • Capacity 1.5 Ton

2. Carrier 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC – CAI18EK4C8F0

The most recent model "Inverter AC" is stacked with the element to alter the blower speed according to the room temperature, not at all like standard Split and window AC that keeps running at a steady speed.

The fixed speed of the AC encourages sparing in power charges right around 30-40% not exactly different sorts of Air conditioners as it keeps running at an unmistakable speed that doesn't involve wastage when high cooling isn't required.

The outside unit of this AC utilizes a novel innovation known as HybridJet whereby, it utilizes a blend of air and low-temperature refrigerant to cool the open-air E-box productively. Along these lines, this AC can work regardless of whether the open-air temperature achieves 50 C.


Subsequently, it is without commotion and is progressively tough as a result of fewer break downs. In any case, this inverter AC is ended up being costlier than the standard ones. It is most reasonable for people having a runtime of in any event 8 hours every day.

Other remarkable highlights incorporate Auto Restart, and an extraordinary PM2.5 channel to convey unadulterated air. The rest mode guarantees that the AC consequently alters the cooling execution during the evening by detecting the temperature around you.


  • Durable
  • Lower noise level
  • Energy efficient
  • 1- Year Waranty
  • Expensive
  • Air purifier
  • Dust filter
  • Copper condenser coil
  • 3 star Rating
  • 1.5 ton Capacity
  • Inverter technology

3. LG 1.5 Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC – Q18YNXA

LG AC units accompany amazing highlights, one of which is the Dual Cool Technology. It empowers quicker cooling of the room whereby you spare power.

The presence of copper condenser cylinders improves the exhibition of the AC. These cylinders have a satisfactory assurance as an Ocean Black Protection highlight to keep destructive components from influencing the condenser tubes.


The Active Energy Control usefulness dodges pointless extra expenses and spares vitality. Himalaya Cool Technology guarantees moment cooling and builds solace levels.

Monsoon Comfort, Save-energy mode, clean auto tasks, and Gold-Fin condenser are the pats on the head that join this AC.

LG AC's are known for their cooling proficiency, great execution, and high vitality sparing innovation. LG 1.5 Ton AC fits any size of space to 120 to 180 sq ft. furthermore, is exceptionally suggested for your huge living space and main rooms. It has 2 ground-breaking advances and the sense quick cooling innovation that works quicker even at 55 degrees of temperature.


  • Improved heat resistance
  • Durable appliance
  • Quicker cooling operation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Expensive
  • 1.5-ton cooling capacity
  • 3 Star Energy rating
  • Variable compressor speed
  • Copper condenser coil
  • 3 Star Energy rating
  • 1.5-ton cooling capacity

4. Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC – 183V CZT/183 VCZT2

This Voltas Split AC accompanies highlights like Turbo Mode, Sleep Mode, and Anti-Dust channel to give a superior cooling background.

The Turbo mode empowers moment cooling of the room through the high encompassing cooling capacity can give cooling notwithstanding when the temperature outside ascents to 520C.

The Active Dehumidifier faculties the indoor stickiness and changes the cooling naturally. It is an appreciated component to have in the rainstorm. This AC accompanies copper loops along these lines making it increasingly tough and conveys proficient cooling. This AC takes a shot at the R410A refrigerant, an ecologically amicable element.


The 2-organize filtration usefulness expels allergens and awful scents while giving you outside air.

The Voltas AC accompanies a productive blower to give magnificent cooling while at the same time sparing force simultaneously. The inbuilt stabilizer enables the AC to work under a wide voltage variance go from 150 to 270V.


  • Great cooling capacity
  • Work effectively in the absence of a stabilizer
  • Multiple functionalities
  • Terrible installation support
  • Installation is expensive
  • Weird noise generated
  • Varied speed compressor
  • Dehumidifier
  • Dust filter
  • Anti-bacterial filter
  • R410A refrigerant gas
  • Copper condensing coil
  • Energy rating 3 star
  • 1.5-ton cooling capacity

5. Blue Star 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, BI-3CNHW12NAFU, White)

If you are looking for the best 1 ton split AC between India than this can be a good option. This one has all the standard features and functions to keep your room cool and fresh all the time.

The blue star is a split type 1 ton capacity and a 3-star rating AC. It fits well to a small size room with an area of 0-130sqft. This would be a good choice for your guest room or your kid's room. Moving on to its performance, it works well to cool a small room even at high temperature.


Further, the condenser in it is produced using premium quality copper wires to improve its life. The other good features of this AC are its range of filters. It has 7 advanced filters to fight with airborne pollutants, catechin filters to inhibit bacterial growth, harmful pollutants, and silver ion filters to fight against microbes like bacteria, fungi, and spores. Seven stage filtration is not given by other best AC brand in India but the blue star gives you a great filtration at a nominal price.

Notwithstanding it, it accompanies an ionizer which has a one of a kind air refinement innovation to give you outside air constantly. Generally, this AC isn't just great to keep your room cool yet in addition is useful for wellbeing with its propelled filtration innovation.


  • Works decent
  • Great warranty time
  • Filtration power is amazing
  • Durable
  • Power consumption is slightly higher than the quoted rate
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty on the product and 10-year warranty on the condenser
  • 7 advanced filters
  • Ionizer
  • 3 Star Rating
  • 1 Ton Capacity

Purchasing Guide – How To Choose The Best AC In India?

Picking the best AC in India may mistake for you as there are such a large number of variations accessible in the market. Each variation has its very own wonderful element with the goal that makes it progressively hard to pick.

For the equivalent, we have composed a purchasing guide that will assist you with jotting down your individual contemplations and make your shopping background a lot simpler. Along these lines, how about we go ahead and examine them.

All things considered, in the event that you make an agenda that reveals to you what you need, at that point your shopping undertaking would be a lot simpler. Each item has certain highlights that it must have. In this way, first, we prescribe you to search for the must-have contemplations and after that relate it to your prerequisite. In the event that the item outperforms your prerequisites and just as the essential contemplations you can go ahead and buy it.

1. Size Of The Room

In the event that the space of the room where you will introduce the AC is anyplace between 120-200sqft introducing a 1.5 ton AC would be great. It is on the grounds that with 1 ton you can't cool the whole room. For the most part, 1.5-ton AC works best for the main room or family room or some other medium to enormous size rooms. On the off chance that at all your room size is greater than 200sqft, introducing two 1.5 ton or 1-ton AC would be prescribed.

This is the primary thing that you have to search for in light of the fact that an AC doesn't work for all the size of the room. They have their cooling limit that identifies with the size of the room.

In the event that the space of the room where you will introduce the AC is anyplace between 50-100sqft introducing a 1 ton AC would be a decent choice. For the most part, 1 ton AC works best for the child's room or the visitor room or study room or some other little to medium size room.

2. Power Consumption

Every one of the AC takes a shot at various power wattage and along these lines may devour more or lesser power than others. According to the utilization of power, they get a power rating by the Bureau Of Energy Efficiency(BEE). The rating goes high when an AC unit devours less power and the other way around. For instance, a 5-star rating AC will devour a minimal measure of power.

In this way, we recommend you chop down your later expense put at one time in an AC that has a more 5-star rating. In spite of the fact that the 5-star rating is somewhat expensive yet completely a one-time venture. With this, your power bill would be least even in summers for quite a long time.

In India, during summer season it's sweltering. You can't consider living without AC whether its day time or evening time. In this way, your AC would be on for at least 5-7 hours every day. With this sort of utilization, the power bill is without a doubt to go high. Investigating this need and to lessen the utilization of power progressed as have come up.

3. Features

Every one of the AC has some essential highlights like controlling the temperature between 16-29 degrees and one auto mode. Yet, presently, with the approach in innovation, a couple of more highlights have come up.

Like for instance, a Turbo highlight would immediately cool the room, a rest mode will keep up an ordinary 22-24 degrees for the duration of the night, a dehumidifier would expel the abundance of dryness from the air, and various assortments of a channel that evacuate the residue and other air contaminations from the air.

A rundown of highlights that you ought to consider while purchasing the best AC in India are:

  • Fan Speed
  • Filters
  • Timer
  • Sleep Mode
  • Active Dehumidifier
  • Dry Mode
  • Turbo mode(Instant Cooling Mode)

The more highlights you get the merrier and advantageous it is. We propose you go for ACs with so many highlights as they are in every case great and give you an adjustable choice according to your necessity and the need of great importance.

4. Price

In the event that your pocket permits purchasing the chosen ones or generally go for the spending limit cordial choice. In our rundown, various ACs with the distinctive value range is referenced. Is rest guaranteed independently of the value go the item in our rundown are best in quality and have officially won the core of numerous clients?

This is something that is your own decision. In any case, as AC is one-time speculation, you are going to utilize it for more than 10 years than putting resources into the best inverter AC in India is constantly prompted. The cost for the best ACs begins from anyplace between Rs. 25,000 and goes up to Rs.50,000.