Top 5 Air Coolers Review With Buying Guide

Last Updated: July-08-2019.



One of the essential factor to consider while choosing an air cooler is to look for its size. This is because the larger the size is that the additional air it'll give.

If you keep in a larger space, then a large size air cooler is effective. You can measure the size of the Cooler by CFM.

All you need to do is to find the room area and then divide it by 2 It will give you the most accurate CFM, and you'll notice the proper air cooler size.


While you choose for an air cooler, you need to consider the power consumption issue. The more the power consumption is the less time it will take to cool the room.

However, it will bring you a high amount of electricity bill.


Cooling pads are crucial and should be of excellent quality to attain correct cooling. Your chosen cooling pad should be at least 90 mm thick. This will make sure it works effectively.

However, the thicker the pad is, the quicker it absorbs water, which is able to give fast cooling. Being a user, you can easily double or triple the number of pads according to your requirements. There are two different types of cooling pads, such as:

a) Cellulose Pads

If you are looking for good quality pads, then the cellulose pads are an ideal choice for you. They are expensive but are thicker than the aspen pads.

It is additionally referred to as the honeycomb pads, and most of the high-end air coolers provide this pad.

b) Aspen Pads

The aspen pads are made up of wood shavings as well as synthetic fiber. However, these are of low quality and has a short life span.


To provide you with cool air, an air cooler uses the tactic of evaporation. To do this, it requires water to convert it into vapor. Thus, shopping for an air cooler with an oversized tank is better.

This will make sure you no need to fill it now and then. Usually, for home use, you'll be able to have an air-cooler having a storage capacity of 20-30 liters. While 40-120 liters of the water tank in an air cooler is suitable for commercial purpose.


Most of the high-end air coolers come together with air modes similarly as many speed variables. With the help of these, you will be able to adjust as well as control the speed according to your needs.

Usually, air coolers return together with 3-speed setting choices to set the speed at low, medium or high.


While you choose for an air cooler, one such factor that you simply cannot comprise is to visualize the sort of fan it's coming with. A high-quality fan could be a must in an air cooler despite however sensible is that the cooling pad quality.

Remember, in the end; it is the fan that is going to give you the cool air. There are two major types of fans out in the market:

a) Axial Fan

The axial fan usually consumes less energy than the centrifugal ones. But, it produces a lot of noise if compared to the other. These are a lot cheaper, as well.

b) Centrifugal Fan

It makes no noise and includes a drum-like shape. This, however, consumes a lot of energy and thus can be on the costlier side.


A large portion of the top of the line air coolers, alongside the moderate ones, have a water level controller in them. This makes it simple to control the flow of water automatically into the cooler at a group level.

The best part is that it prevents the overflow of water and also will save you time. You no need to open or shut the cooler to see the water level any longer.


I found that air coolers with remote are terribly simple and convenient to use. You don’t need to get up every time to change the settings or turn on/off. As with remote, you can control the cooler from anywhere.


The air cooler that comes with a timer is significantly helpful to save lots of energy. As with this feature, you can quickly set the time for the air cooler that will automatically turn it off. And as a result, this will make sure you save more power, and the electricity bill won’t pinch your pocket.


Castors are the wheels that are present at rock bottom of the air cooler. They let the device move freely from one room to the other.

If you want the castors to last long, then going for the plastic ones isn’t the right choice. You must opt for the ones that come with rubber or metal material. They won’t tear off or break easily and has a longer life.


1. You can include ice or chilled water in the cooler as this will bring down the temperature giving most chilly air possible by an air cooler. Therefore, during the hot days, you can generally put ice or ice water to have a loosening uptime.

2. Keep the windows and doors open while the cooler is running. This will increase airflow. As it takes the air from outside and subsequently, keeping it close to the window will be of incredible preferred position in bringing down the temperature further.

3. You should in every case clean and keep up the air cooler. Don’t let a foul smell come from the device as it may cause suffocation. Thus, you need to clean twice a week.


1. The Air conditioners use the same air inside the room to condition it and direct it to the same room. However, it is different for any air cooler. The cooler gets air from outside and guides it inside the room. Hence, it allows fresh air to come into the room.

2. The air coolers are light in weight, which makes it portable. You Can Cary at any part of the room.

3. Air coolers devour substantially less power compared to the air conditioners. This makes the annual energy consumption to be much more significant. This makes sure that the cost of running a cooler is less than any AC.

4. The investment for an air cooler is much lower than any air conditioner. The initial cost is much low too.

5. Air coolers are generally much affordable, and they also use water for cooling and not any refrigerant. Hence they are eco-friendly.


1. The cooler requires more frequent maintenance and change of water inside the tank.

2. The parts of the cooler have a higher risk of corrosion. It is not suitable for areas with hard water.

3. Coolers need continuous water supply to make it work effectively. Here the water acts as the refrigerant.

4. They are not suitable for areas with high humidity. Because air cooler causes humidity because it evaporates water.

5. No air cooler comes with the feature to change the model according to the climate.

6. The air cooler comes along with a fan, which may make noise. It can be disturbing.

1). Symphony 45 Liter Siesta Air Cooler White

It has multi-directional castor haggles packed element of 618x 505x1025 mm that causes you to move it starting with one spot then onto the next with no exertion. You can utilize it open-air additionally in nursery, entryway or section zone.

The Symphony air cooler comprises of a lightweight fan sharp edge that is comprised of extraordinary nature of plastic which makes it solid and simple to keep up.

Another remarkable element that makes it best air cooler is that it can likewise keep running on inverter when the power isn't there. Dura siphon innovation empowers it to cool the temperature to a degree where you may begin feeling like this is winter season. To dispose of that mid-year heat with this Symphony air cooler.


It has multi-directional castor haggles packed element of 618x 505x1025 mm that causes you to move it starting with one spot then onto the next with no exertion. You can utilize it open-air additionally in nursery, entryway or section zone.

In the singing warmth, the whirlwind fan isn't sufficient to keep you cool. This is the point at which you need overly incredible Symphony Siesta 45 Ltr Air Cooler. This air cooler from the prestigious brand Symphony has highlights that make it remarkable and not the same as others. The quick cooling administration diminishes the temperature exceptionally quick and successfully.


  • Inverter friendly
  • Plastic fan blades for a robust performance
  • Faster reduction in temperature
  • Auto speed control
  • Latest Dura Pump Technology
  • Supercooling capacity
  • Dust and mosquito filter

2). Voltas Desert Cooler (VN-D70EH) 70 LTR Desert Air Cooler

This model with 70 LTR tank reduces the work of the owner as he doesn't have to check the water level, it once after being filled with water goes on and on for hours. It is suitable for you only if the room size that you think of installing it is not more than 475 SQ FT. It is energy-efficient too as the power consumption involved is 230 Volts/Phase 1/50 HZ. Fan with 16.5-inch diameter confirms massive air flow inside the room.

Voltas is an incredible brand that has proved its mettle in all types of products and is termed to be the best Air cooler brand in the country.


Usually, coolers don't work on inverter but now thanks to the technical team this model of Voltas works on invertors too giving relaxed cool moments even in the absence of electricity supply.

Secured with the warranty of 1 year, this model of Volta's air cooler is considered to be the most durable desert air cooler.


  • 3400 Cumh Air Flow
  • Includes speed control, auto fill tank, and a swing control
  • Comes with castor wheel and a water level indicator
  • 1 year Voltas warranty
  • Rated power input cooling is 190 watts
  • Product weight -17.5 Kg and Dimension (WxHxD) 685 X 1165 X 460 mm

3). Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Greeves Ozone Dessert cooler is a perfect pick for the individuals who need to give a cooling impact to a 550 Sq. Ft. measured room. You can't request more at such a sensible cost as this cooling gadget offers cross ventilation in your room or office, any place you introduce it to keep up the temperature of room all around.

The advantageous component of void tank caution empowers simple warning of the status of water in the tank of cooler and the auto louver development helps to fix the focal point of air to an unmistakable corner of the room. Its high air cooling limit and air conveyance affirm standardization fo the room's temperature inside a couple of minutes in the sweltering and damp summers.


To upgrade the cooling limit of the cooler, it accompanies particular and viable honeycomb cooling cushions that guide in keeping the water inside the cooler virus.

This minimized Desert cooler is very successful on the decrease of your power bill as it is power and vitality proficient. It is effectively accessible on different online business destinations, yet you may experience serious difficulties getting it during summers since its interest increments in summers.


  • Entails low electricity bills by consumption of Power: 190 Watts, Operating voltage: 230V
  • Package Include: Air Cooler
  • Product size (LxBxH): 61.0 cm x 40.5 cm x 120.0 cm
  • Suitable for a room of size 600 Sq Ft.
  • Capacity: 75 Litres
  • Warranty- 1 year

4). Ken star Cyclone-12 50-Litre Air Cooler (White)

It has a cooling region of roughly 75 sq meters giving you a decision to unwind in any side of your enormous room. Its unique spine wood wool evaporative pads confirm continuous cooling effects no matter how long you keep it on.

Are you looking to have fresh cyclonic air in your living room, the Ken star Cyclone-1250 –Litre Air cooler is the best cooler for you.


This large white air cooler has the caliber to throw Air up to the distance of 45 feet with the air delivery of 2550m3 /hr. It facilitates 3-speed modes enabling you to change the throw of air on being needed.

Despite being a high-performance product, it is available at reasonable prices that are too easy to afford. Kindly allow your room to have a good ventilation system, in order to procure the best performance of Kenstar Cyclone cooler. It is very economical, consumes less power, cools room uniformly, faster and easy to install.


  • Extraordinary wine wood wool evaporative pads
  • Louvre Movement: Motorized (Vertical)
  • Cooling Area: 75 square meter
  • 3 modes of Speed: high, medium and low
  • 4 ways air deflection,
  • Air Flow Distance: 45 feet, Air Delivery (m3/hr): 2550
  • It needs CROSS-VENTILATION in your area/room, else cooler won’t work effectively
  • Cooler measurement: 645mm x 53mm x 915mm

5). Crompton Greaves Honeycomb 88-Litre Desert Cooler (White/Grey)

Now you need not check the water level repeatedly and peep into the cooler as it has a water level indicator and controller feature to avoid troubles to you. It is also easy to clean due to the water drain plug that aids in decreasing the water inside the cooler during cleaning. Its cooling Honeycomb pad confirms cooling and the reason behind it is its body which is made up of abs and thermoplastic.


One of the best air coolers of Crompton is loaded with some spectacular features that make it one of the top-selling air cooler.

No matter how big your room is, but this model of air cooler have a throw of almost 45 feet air delivery of 4200 m2/hr. It's an auto-fill feature, and 5 castor wheels list it in the list of top selling products across the nation.


  • Capacity: 88 liters, Power: 190 watts
  • Inverter compatibility less energy consumption
  • Ice chamber for extra cooling option
  • Air Delivery (CFM): 4200
  • Auto-swing louvers for all-around air deflection
  • Adjustable Speed modes: High, medium and low
  • Warranty: 1 year on product


Air coolers may not be over the top expensive but rather are additionally not very modest to have the option to stand to consistently or year. On the off chance that you need to appreciate the administrations of your cooler worth the costs paid by you, purchase the best brands offering solid items and administrations.

Just evaluate your needs, inquire about the features and finally compare its offerings to enjoy the benefits of lucrative purchase and cool summers by buying best air conditioners in 2019 India.