Top 5 Dishwashers In India 2019 – Reviews With Best Buyer’s Guide

Last Updated: July-05-2019.

In present days, it is nearly difficult for anyone to take out time for household tasks. There are a lot of tools and gadgets available in the market to make your work easy. Dishwashing is another boring task that we all want to avoid. However, a good quality dishwasher can make your work a lot easier.

Well! Dishwashers were introduced to the Indian market a few years back. And they have gained immense popularity here. It is a device that features a sensor technology. This helps in analyzing the amount of grime, dirt, and food particles and cleans it accordingly.

However, shopping for the simplest dishwasher in India may be a difficult task. There are so many models already available in the market which makes it further complicated. Each model comes with a unique set of features. You need to keep in mind certain crucial features while choosing.

We have made this buying guide for you all. Going through this will help you choose a dishwasher according to your requirements. Furthermore, We have sorted down the list of top 5 best dishwashers in India.



Not everyone has the luxury to stay at their own house. Thus, if you are living in a rented apartment, then the portable or free-standing dishwashers are your ideal choice.

However, you need to keep a separate place to install the device. I suggest you keep it in front of the kitchen sink.

While running the device, simply connect the hook to the faucet and switch on. And once you are done, remove the faucet and keep it back.


The built-in dishwashers are the most common ones. You can find it in almost every household. It is installed right under the kitchen counter. For the most convenient setting, you can opt for this built-in dishwashers.

They are permanent in nature to provide you with convenient use. The kitchen sink is not used even when the device is working.

This is because you no need to connect the faucet to the device. It is a great choice if you are buying it for your own house.



Buying a dishwasher is not at all an easy task. It needs research and money both. Thus, if you are investing in a product, you must check the build-quality.

You must ensure you are buying a good quality product. The product must be made up of high-quality material.

It will ensure long durability of the device. Well! Due to the quality, it can be a little expensive than the other cheaper quality ones.

I suggest you go for the stainless steel ones as they are sturdy and can resist hard water flow as well. While the plastic bodies are not that durable and are way cheaper.


Buying a dishwasher is a must nowadays. And for that, you need to see the capacity requirement.

But what does it signify? In case of any 12 places setting Dishwasher, it can hold 12 individual sets of dishes, plates, spoons, forks at the same time. So we can say that it can roughly hold around 70-80 utensils at the same time.

It is suggested to check the size of your family before buying a dishwasher. This will help you in having a convenient use of the appliance.


While you think of buying an appliance, you don’t want it to irritate your ears. Thus, checking the noise factor is the most important.

It shouldn’t be overlooked by you. Be its vacuum cleaner, mixer grinder, washing machine or dishwasher, noisy machines are a big NO, NO! You can check customer reviews for the same.


If you are buying an electronic device, you must check the energy efficiency of it. It is set according to the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) rating. This controls the usage of power by setting possible rules and standards.

A good quality dishwasher will provide you with the best energy efficiency. It consumes less power and thus, the pocket pinch of electricity bill will be low.


While buying a dishwasher, you must check for the wash programs. It should have the ability to remove toxins while cleaning the utensils.

The washer must have the water softening feature as well to keep the dishes safe. And, if it comes with a salt funnel then it will be a bonus for you. You can add salt to clean your dishes as well.


You must buy a dishwasher that is easy to operate. It shouldn’t be that complicated. There must be a good storage space for keeping the utensils. The water consumed per cycle should be less to add extra benefits.


Make sure to choose a model that comes with an auto-detecting sensor. They are great for cleaning dirty dishes. It can detect and convert hard water to soft water making it useable.

You can set the temperature according to the type of the vessel. The sensor will then detect the material and will clean accordingly. It also detects water usage per cycle.


If you choose a manual or a semi-automatic washer, it comes with quite a few varieties of touch buttons. It makes things easier and convenient to use. The automatic washer has a single touch for on/off.


All the premium dishwashers in India comes with certain extra features to make things easy and convenient for you. Here are those extra features you should check in your chosen dishwasher.

A. Adjustable or Extra Racks

It is a very important factor to look for in a dishwasher. This enables you to adjust a few more dishes. You can remove them as per your need and install as well. There are also a few models that come with extra racks.

B. Wash Zones

I find it mandatory to have in every dishwasher. It is the moist chamber to wash your utensils. This prevents from splashing of water. You can clean your utensils with warm or cold water without any hassle.

C. Filters

I know you don’t have time to wash your dishes, but this is the thing you need to clean by yourself. I am talking about filters. Well! It is where all the crumbs, stains and dust particles are left behind while the dishwasher washes your utensils. You have to manually clean it to make it work well for the next time.

D. Soil Sensors

The soil sensor is an intelligent feature to adjust the energy and the water required. It cleans the dishes after checking the soil level in them.

E. Child Saftey Lock

It is a great feature to safeguard the appliance from an accidental closing/opening by your kids. I think this to be an essential feature if you have kids at the house.

F. Speed or Eco-Wash

The speed or eco-wash is just perfect to wash dishes that are not caked with food particles. It uses less amount of water to provide good cleaning of utensils within less time.

G. Heated Dry

It is a must check while buying a dishwasher. This is where you can keep the washed utensils for drying purpose.

H. Stainless Steel Tub

Look for a stainless steel tub. It keeps the warmth of the dry zone. This also makes less noise during the cycle.


Another important factor that we often tend to overlook as a customer is a warranty period. Well! I request every user to check the given warranty period before purchasing an electronic device. It ensures you a hassle-free use. Usually, a dishwasher comes with 2-5 years of the warranty period.


Many of us think investing in a dishwasher is not a good idea. But, you can plan according to your needs and choose a product. If you want a high-end model, you can invest in some heavy-duty dishwashers. And, if you are short on budget, then you can opt for an affordable one.

1. Siemens SN256I01GI Freestanding Dishwasher

This is a 12 place setting dishwasher which might be used regardless of the form and size of the utensils. It is a easy appliance and also comes with the demo moreover as manuals. This removes 99% of dirt and cleans the utensils using 2 sensing elements: aqua sensing element and a Load sensor. The LED displays make the job easier such as low in detergent or excess dishes. There is a brand warranty with this product that assures you too.

Siemens SN26L801IN Freestanding Dishwasher (12 Place Settings, White) is a dishwasher from the brand Siemens and includes 12 place settings with 6 wash programs. The dishwasher is given 2 sensing elements Aquasensor and load sensor. There is also a timer with 24 hrs time delay settings along with remaining program time indicator. Siemens SN26L801IN Freestanding Dishwasher is unique in its built quality.


Siemens SN26L801IN freestanding Dishwasher is a high performing dishwasher from Siemens and is completely suggested for all purposes. The Brand Siemens is trusted by millions of users all over the world for its quality and durability. The dishwasher is efficient and helps in proper washing or cleanup the utensils.

  • 12 Place Setting: Best for families with up to 4-6 members. One place setting consists of a dinner plate, dessert plate, single glass, soup bowl, teacup with saucer, knife, spoons, and fork.
  • 6 programs, 4 options, intensive 70 deg prog for heavy soiled utensils, half load program, foldable racks
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years comprehensive warranty on the product
  • Included in the box: 1 Dishwasher, Inlet pipe, outlet pipe, User Manual, detergent sample
  • Eco silence drive: Top shower, aqua-sensor, and load sensor
  • 12 Place Settings
  • Control Button
  • Removable Rack Available
  • Free Standing Type
  • After-sales services may not be properly assigned.


2. Bosch SMS60L18IN Dishwasher (12 Place Setting Comes With White)

It comes with 12 place settings as well as 6 wash settings which makes the work easier. There is a time indicator that conjointly informs regarding the time remaining. There are bottom racks for abundant support and is extremely economical. This utility appliance is completely well worth the cost price and conjointly includes a brand warranty.

The Dishwasher includes 12 place settings. There are 6 wash settings in the Bosch SMS60L18IN Dishwasher. Also, there are sensors like Aqua sensor and loading sensor and also time settings for the proper functioning of the appliance. The folding trays for placing the utensils are also present. The Bosch SMS60L18IN Dishwasher includes all the required displays for the proper functioning of the appliance.


This Dishwasher is an overall performing home appliance. It is recommended for home cleaning purposes. This dishwasher helps in household work and helps at home from removing stains. The Bosch is a reputed brand and ensures the appliance from after-sales services and makes sure about the product quality.

  • 12 Place Setting: Best for families with up to 4-6 members. One place setting consists of a dinner plate, dessert plate, single glass, soup bowl, teacup with saucer, knife, spoons and fork.
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years comprehensive warranty on the whole product
  • Water Consumption: 9L; Energy Consumption: 1.45 Kilowatt Hours
  • Small Loads– HalfLoad option when you have fewer utensils to be washed
  • 12 Place Settings
  • Free Standing Type
  • Removable Rack Available
  • Control Button
  • Need a Proper demonstration.


3. IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher (12 Place Settings Comes With Dark Silver)

IFB is a popular brand and well known for its efficient products and home appliances. It utilizes lower power consumption as well as water consumption. This efficient appliance is not only able to clean the dishes but also has reduced the noise of the produced while cleaning. It's highly recommended for all households.

This Dishwasher includes a capability of 12 place settings and makes a total water consumption of 9 L. There are 2 wash arms and has a total power consumption of 2.2 kiloWatt. The noise level of this Electronic Dishwasher is only about 49dB.


This DISHWASHER comes with all kinds of advanced innovation inbuilt such as jet wash, water softener, steam drying, super energy efficiency, etc. These factors ensure the efficiency of the dishwasher and are a bestseller in this category. It is recommended for all kitchen purposes.

  • 2 wash arms
  • Noise Level- 49db
  • Power Supply220-240V, Single Phase, 50HZ
  • Maximum Power: 2.2 KiloWatt
  • 9 L water consumption
  • 12 place settings capability
  • Energy Consumption: 0.9 kWh
  • Removable Rack Available
  • Control Button
  • 12 Place Settings
  • Need a proper demonstration and explanation to the user


4. IFB Neptune FX Fully Electronic Dishwasher (12 Place Settings, White)

IFB is a popular brand and surely understood for its proficient items and home appliances. It incorporates low power utilization just as water utilization. This utility appliance is absolutely worth the cost and furthermore incorporates a brand warranty.

It is a great dishwasher from IFB with fully automatic front-loading. There are 12 place settings with 5 wash programs along with other advanced innovation inbuilt like water softening and the drying system is natural. It is an advanced dishwasher with all respect for cleaning.


It is a dishwasher from reputed brand IFB and has earned trust from customers all across the country. The IFB gives a free demo as well as installation services and hence is more preferred as compared to the other brands. This dishwasher is recommended from all aspects of kitchen cleaning.

  • 12 Place Setting: best for families with up to 4-6 members. One place setting consists of a dinner plate, dessert plate, single glass, soup bowl, teacup with saucer, knife, spoons, and fork.
  • 5 wash programs
  • The drying system is natural
  • Adjustable upper basket when empty
  • Heavily soiled program
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years comprehensive warranty on the product
  • Water softening device
  • Noise Level: 52 dB
  • Included in the box: 1 Dishwasher, Inlet pipe, outlet pipe, User Manual
  • Water Consumption: 12L; Energy Consumption: Kilowatt Hours
  • 12 Place Settings
  • Control Button
  • Removable Rack Available
  • Free Standing Type
  • Need a proper demonstration and explanation for the user.


5. IFB Neptune SX1 Fully-automatic Front-loading Dishwasher (15 Place Settings, Stainless Steel)

It comes with 15 place settings as well as 8 wash settings which makes the work easier. There is a time indicator which alerts you about the time remaining. This appliance is totally worth of the cost price and also includes a brand warranty.

IFB Neptune SX1 includes 15 place settings along with the removable tray or rack. The total water consumption is about 9L. The noise level is about 45 dB with a total of 8 wash programs.


It is also another great dishwasher from IFB and also a bestseller and the reason is the durability and efficiency of the appliance which makes it more appealing to the customers. The IFB Neptune SX1 Free Standing 15 Place Settings Dishwasher is built of great quality and is a must-have if you are looking for one to help you with some cleaning.

  • Water softening device
  • Auto intensive
  • Included in the box : 3 Dishwasher, Inlet pipe, outlet pipe, User Manual
  • Water Consumption: 9L; Energy Consumption: 0.94 Kilowatt Hours
  • 15 Place Setting: Best for families with up to 4-6 members. One place setting consists of a dinner plate, dessert plate, single glass, soup bowl, teacup with saucer, knife, spoons, and fork
  • 8 wash programs, Mug shelf in the upper rack: Adjustable
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Noise Level: 45 dB
  • Included in the box: 3 Dishwasher, Inlet pipe, outlet pipe, User Manual
  • Auto Intensive
  • 15 Place Settings
  • Control Button
  • Free Standing Type
  • Removable Rack Available
  • The installation needs a technician to support throughout.



Buying the best dishwasher in India is a daunting task to do. With so many options available in the market, you can easily get confused. I have made a buying guide for you all. We request you go through the buying guide and the product reviews to ensure you make the right choice.

If you still have any queries or questions to ask, then you can comment it down below. I will gladly answer you. Till then happy shopping!