Last Updated: July-07-2019.

The nourishment cooked in a microwave is viewed as more beneficial as it utilizes less oil. Additionally, a microwave is vitality productive as it prepares sustenance quicker and utilizes 70-80% less vitality than a customary one. In this way, you can save money on power bills and LPG chambers.


This area will disclose to you how to choose and purchase the best microwave as indicated by your needs.


This is the most significant point to choose on the grounds that you should live with your decision for a lot of time. Microwaves come in three unique sorts Solo, Grill, and Convection.

A. Solo Microwave Oven

Solo Microwave Oven is a passage level model. It accompanies a 'Microwave just' mode. In the event that you are searching for essential cooking arrangements, a performance model would be the perfect decision. With uniform warmth dissemination, different power levels and a large group of different highlights, the Solo microwave is perfect for all fundamental cooking capacities other than defrosting and warming.

Be that as it may, it can not play out the preparing, barbecuing and broiling capacities. Thus it very well may be utilized for basic cooking purposes.

B. Flame broil Microwave Oven

A flame broil microwave is a performance microwave furnished with warming loops and can be utilized to barbecue, toast or dish nourishment. The flame broil comes as a mode or setting in microwaves and requires the utilization of a barbecuing plate or a metal rack, which carries the sustenance closer to the barbecue.

These are perfect for making toast, kebabs, and tikka. When you utilize the flame broil work, by and large, the microwave capacity is in off capacity. In any case, flame broiling can be utilized in mix with microwave to prepare various types of nourishment. For instance, you can utilize both these capacities at the same time while cooking chicken legs, fish or paneer dishes.

C. Convection Microwave Oven

A convection microwave utilizes a blend of the two innovations: an ordinary microwave and a convection oven. It is most flexible and can play out all cooking capacities, including heating.

This is the reason it is more costly than the other two variations. It tends to be utilized to heat anything from treats and cakes to quiches and pizzas. In contrast to a standard or a performance microwave, a convection microwave gives the nourishment a chance to cook through progressively crisper. It does this by utilizing a fan and a warming component to circle tourist uniformly in the microwave.

Accordingly, the sustenance sets aside some effort to cook and turns out progressively 'browner' than you would get in a performance microwave. It can likewise join flame broil and convection capacities. Presently you are befuddled about how to pick between these 3 types. Try not to stress! Consider the sustenance you would cook and pick the suitable kind of microwave utilizing the table given beneath.


The capacity of a microwave oven is measured in liters (L), which is the volume of space available inside. It is imperative to purchase the correct size of a microwave or you will wind up squandering your time and power each time you utilize a microwave of the off-base size.


While obtaining a microwave, you ought to consider the power rating dependent on your use. The yield power or wattage of a microwave is estimated in Watts. Microwaves, for the most part, have a power rating somewhere in the range of 600 and 1,500 watts. In the event that you cook bigger amounts of nourishment, similar to supper for a huge family, settle on a microwave with a higher power. A microwave with a higher wattage prepares nourishment quicker however is progressively costly also.


The Auto Cook Menu highlight accompanies preset projects to disentangle the readiness of an assortment of dishes. Simply select the sort of dish (code) alongside its weight and the oven will consequently change the power and cooking time.


All microwaves can defrost sustenance, however, it's ideal to choose one that has auto defrost, where you just need to choose the sort and weight of nourishment and the microwave chooses the best program for you. It will defrost a wide range of nourishment like chicken or paneer, without cooking it.


1). IFB 23L Convection Microwave Oven (23BC4, Silver)

It has a mix of three modes, which is microwave, Grill and convection mode. This oven has up to 10 power levels and the temperature can be raised to a maximum of 220 degree Celsius. It also has ten temperature levels with different settings as per the type of food which requires being heated. It has a special feature called weight to defrost which defrosts food based on the weight of the food. The cavity is made of hardened steel and the UI accompanies a decent LED showcase.

This convection microwave has a decent limit of 23 liters which is ideal for Indian families and the power utilization is moderate without making a mark in your pockets. This has the ability to keep the food warm for a long time with its multistage cooking, if you have frozen food then you can make use of the defrost feature in the oven. IFB


IFB 23L Convection Microwave Oven (23BC4, Silver) Considering aspects such as usability, design, and price this can be considered as the best convection microwave in India. IFB is an outstanding brand in the shopper hardware space and henceforth we chose to survey this microwave. The microwave accompanies energizing highlights like auto cook menus, defrost and maturation which ought to enable you to attempt a wide assortment of things.

Disregard scanning for extraordinary plans as this model accompanies 71 auto cook alternatives. The oven is designed in such a way that the grease will be eliminated by the steam created within the microwave. IFB offers a 1-year warranty on the overall product and for important parts like Magnetron & Cavity they provide 3 years warranty.


  • Power consumption of 900 watts
  • Child lock safety feature
  • LED display makes it an attractive one
  • Cook up to 10 different menus
  • Multi-stage cook feature
  • This portable 23-liter capacity microwave oven is ideal for a small Indian family of 3 people. Some of its attractive features are as follows.
  • Convenient to use

2). LG 28L Convection Microwave Oven (MC2846SL, Silver)

This 28L microwave by LG has an astounding structure like some other LG items. The number of highlights it gives legitimizes the more expensive rate of this item, the cost is for the most part higher in light of the fact that the limit is on the bigger side. This should work well for medium-enormous estimated families. Along these lines, right away give us a chance to get into knowing a portion of the highlights this microwave brings to the table.


First, the important aspect is the size, with most of the Indian homes having 6-10 members this microwave is a perfect match. For the capacity, it offers the power consumption is actually efficient at 1900 watts. Hardened steel depression empowers better reflection and consistency of warming inside the center of the oven. This comes with with a special ‘diet fry’ feature which allows cooking your favorite snacks like samosa, pokoda, etc with lesser oil.


  • Sleek design
  • Child lock feature
  • The starter kit contains microwave compatible containers
  • Use it for baking, grilling, defrosting and all other activities
  • The touch keypad is a memorable feature of this 28-liter capacity convection microwave oven. The other interesting features are as listed below.

3). Morphy Richards 23-Litre Convection Oven

It has five power levels depending on the level of heating you desire. This depends on the food you want to cook or heat. It comes with 5 auto cook options were the settings are pre-programmed. he extraordinary convection innovation ensures that there is uniform cooking. It has an overheat sensor which ensures that the microwave goes off in the case of any malfunctioning during cooking. The stainless steel cavity adds a premium feel and also helps in keeping the inner cavity clean. The product comes with 2-year warranty support.


This microwave oven has a stainless steel cavity, which makes the interiors stain-resistant and scratch-free, saving your time in the cleaning process. The inside cavity does not have any sharp corners and is round in design which prevents food fragments from depositing in the corners. A high-speed fan system ensures a good distribution of heat across different areas of the microwave. The cooking alarm notified when the cooking/ heating is complete. Besides this, there are other options like auto defrost options, child lock system to avoid any happening. This is perfect for small families with 3-4 members.


  • Stainless Steel interiors
  • Child lock facility
  • Feather-touch features
  • The oven is ideal for a 3-member Indian family
  • Fit for multiple uses such as defrosting, grilling, baking, reheating, and cooking, this 25L capacity microwave
  • Morphy Richards 25L Convection Microwave Oven
  • Overheat and sensory protection
  • More than 200 Auto cook menus
  • The 3-way heating system improves cooking performance

4). Samsung Convection Microwave Oven (MC28H5033CK, 28L)

This remarkable plan makes it a fit for any kitchen space. The triple distribution system ensures that the food is fully cooked at the lowest possible power consumption.

You can undoubtedly clean the internal hole as it has no corners nor spots. The wide entryway screen adds to feel of the stove which is upgraded by the blue LCD show. On the off chance that you are searching for a convection microwave around 13000 rupees, at that point this is your most solid option. It additionally accompanies a warranty of 1 year which is extendable.


Did you have a bad experience when it comes to defrosting frozen food from the fridge, Samsung’s rapid defrost feature makes sure that your food will not be soggy nor hard. The little hands in your house are safe as this Samsung convection oven comes with an advanced child lock feature.


  • Triple distribution ensures even distribution of heat
  • Excellent stylish design
  • Slim design thereby occupies less space
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for a medium Indian family, this 28-liter microwave oven has a grill along with defrosting and preheating facilities

5). LG 28L Convection Microwave Oven (MC2846BG, BLACK)

The active convection feature provides quick heating due to the presence of two heaters at the top and the rear. The concealed heater ensures that you will not have to suffer any burn injuries while taking the food from the oven. This includes many recipes which are specially designed for health-conscious people. This is a good option if your budget is under 15000 rupees, you will also get a complete product warranty for 1 year and 3 years warranty on magnetron.


LG has been in the purchaser hardware space for a significant long time now. They have been selling a wide scope of items from TVs to microwaves. Give us a chance to examine their 28 Liters convection microwave.

The 28-liter limit is incredible for huge families with 5 or more individuals. The stainless steel cavity helps in uniform cooking as it provides a better reflection of heat inside the cavity. The total power consumption is 3100 watts which are on the higher side which is understandable owing to a larger capacity.


  • Sleek design
  • Child lock feature
  • The starter kit contains microwave compatible containers
  • Use it for baking, grilling, defrosting and all other activities
  • The touch keypad is a memorable feature of this 28-liter capacity convection microwave oven. The other interesting features are as listed below.